I Didn’t Want Any Roommates

When I graduated from college, I moved back home with my parents. I wanted to save up some money first before looking at apartments in Stockbridge Georgia. I knew that if I was careful with my money for six to eight months, I would be able to get an apartment on my own rather than look for a roommate. I knew that after living in a dorm room with three other girls that I did not want any roommates again, even if it was just one other. It was worth it to me to live at home for a bit so I could put some money away to have the dream apartment that was big enough for just me.

I was able to put more money away than I expected because my parents would not let me pay them any rent for staying with them. (more…)

Happiest Valentines Day

Happiest Valentines Day

ty0The thought of Valentine’s Day conjures up romantic evenings, a candlelight dinner, and long walks with your loved one. It is, without a doubt the most romantic day of the year. So how could you possibly be expected to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you’re alone? Well, while it might not be all hearts and flowers, you can still spread the message of Valentine’s Day: Love.

Over the years, I’ve interviewed numerous people and asked them what their favorite Valentine’s Day memory was. Surprisingly, very few couples actually mentioned a gift or a special night out. In fact, most of the people I interviewed remembered their special Valentine’s Day by things they did for others. Gifts they gave, whether they were store bought or home made that gave them the feeling of joy and happiness.

A heartwarming Valentine’s Day for Jacque from California, was when she was in charge of bringing little treats for her daughter’s 3rd grade class. After agonizing on what to do, she decided to make the extra firm red Jell-O, and cut them into heart shapes. After running to the store to get more mix, and spending a lot of time cutting out the heart shapes, she was frustrated and wondered why she ever signed up for the job in the first place. Was this a big mistake? When she passed out the treats in school, the kids’ eyes lit up, and their sweet little voices filled the room with laughter and excitement. All the kids loved it! Jacque remembers feeling incredible that day. Her heart was glowing with happiness to see how much those kids loved her little treats.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our daily chores, that we often forget that children need to be remembered too. Teenagers often feel left out on Valentine’s Day, but a handsome Colorado man gave two giggling teenagers a Valentine’s Day they will never forget. Geoff was working on a resort property trimming trees, and noticed there were two smitten teenage girls sitting on the balcony watching him while he was working. Geoff knew he would be finished on February 13th, and thought he would he would surprise them with a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day, and signed it, the tree trimming guy. The girls were thrilled to get flowers on Valentines Day, and were still talking about it four years later! Geoff ranks that day as his all time favorite Valentine’s Day!

Making someone happy (especially when it’s unexpected) has a euphoric effect on you too. It’s happiness shared twice. Is it possible to have a happy Valentine’s Day even when you are breaking up? If you have a sister like Linda, you can. Linda’s sister was going through a divorce in February, and she was heartbroken and distraught. On that Valentine’s Day, Linda secretly sent her flowers at her office, and signed the card, “From your Secret Admirer.” As soon as her sister received them she called Linda and said, “Oh my God, you will never believe what just happened, I got these beautiful flowers today, but I have no idea who they are from!” Linda had all she could do to keep from laughing, and giving away her little secret. Linda’s sister went on to say that the entire office was trying to figure out who her secret admirer could be. Linda was happy that she could give her sister a happy Valentine’s Day even when she was facing unhappy times.

Yes, it is possible to have a great Valentine’s Day, even when things are looking a little dismal. Here are a few ways you can share your love this holiday.

5 Ways to the Happiest Valentine’s Day Ever!

  1. Send a heartfelt Valentine Card to someone who has really inspired you and tell them how much they mean to you.
  2. Make a homemade Valentine Card and send it to your favorite relative you haven’t seen in a while.
  3. Send flowers or candy to someone who doesn’t have a sweetheart, and sign it anonymous.
  4. Make a Valentine’s Basket and send it to a family that has gone through a difficult time and sign it, From Your Guardian Angel.
  5. Take your little niece, nephew, or cousin out for ice cream.

Giving is the fastest way to feel good about yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive, even a single hand picked flower will do. Anything coming from the heart will surely be felt and appreciated. It’s two gifts in one. One is for the recipient and even a bigger gift for you.

A Simple Plan For Investigating Houses

How Should Beginners Go About Real Estate Investing?

It is a great thing to invest in real estate and if you are new in the business then the tips below will greatly help you in making your initial investments. Those who invest in real estate are fortunate for certain reasons.

If you desire to invest in real estate, you can do it. There are many high school and college dropouts who have some of the biggest real estate investments. These individuals who have not finished their education are reaping large sums of money from their investments.

Investing in real estate does not require using your own money. If you have the necessary skills and knowledge you can make investments with another person’s money. You earn from a percentage of the profit of the deal.

If you desire to invest in real estate here are some basic steps to following.

You first need to find a market which means that you have a target geographical location where you will purchase real estate. Choose a property that is not too far from your current home because the closer you are the better.

Determine what investment property type you want to invest in. There are different types of real property like homes, lands, commercial properties, or mobile homes.

If you can find five properties that you can purchase, rent, or flip for profit, that will be great.

Having a plan or a strategy is important in real estate investing. Are you going to buy and rent for profit, or buy and fix to resell for profit? If you already have an action plan, finding the money becomes easier.

In the event that your planned strategy does not work, you need a back-up plan to lean on. You can still move forward even if your original plan fails only if you have a contingency plan.

If you can determine your end before hand, you will know where you are going. Decide what your end goal is.

Presenting your plans to potential investors is the next step to your real estate investment strategy. The plan of action that you will present to your investors should easily be understood which can be done by numbering the steps in your action plan. Determine before hand the schedule of the things you need to do. Make copies of this plan and sign it in the presence of a notary public.

The next step is to execute your plan. To start off executing your plan, get people together at a certain time and place and offer the properties for sale or for rent. Then schedule an open house, gathering a big crowd with a mortgage broker ready for people who want the place.

You exit plan should be executed next which is to gain profit from sales or rentals.

Source: http://www.dreambigrewards.com/business-ideas-you-can-start-from-home-that-you-wont-have-thought-of/

Smart Tips For Uncovering Properties

Tips for Buying a Home for the First Time

Investing a home can be fun and daunting at the same time, especially for a first-time home buyer. It’s not easy to know exactly what to expect.

The learning curve could be steep, but majority of the difficulties can be addressed by doing a little financial study at the beginning.

These are the 5 steps which help make the process more efficient:

1. Review your credit

These days, the home buyer’s credit score is one of the most influential factors in terms of qualifying for a loan. To know where your credit stands, review your latest credit report and score and check for errors, unsettled accounts or collection accounts. Just because you pay everything promptly every from month to month doesn’t mean your credit is great, however. Fixing bad credit takes time – and money too – if you owe more than loan providers would like to see in relation to your income. Start the process no less than 6 months before you shop for a home.

2. Weigh up assets and liabilities.

A first-time buyer must have a solid idea of what is owed and what is earned. You need to learn a tiny bit with regard to monthly cash flow. In addition, buyers should understand how lenders will look at their income, and that needs familiarity with the fundamentals of mortgage lending. Some professionals, such as the self-employed or straight-commission salesperson, for example, might have a harder time being approved for a loan than others. The self-employed or independent contractor should have an entire two-year earning records to provide.

3. Put documents in order.

In applying for mortgages, buyers need to document income and taxes. Generally, mortgage lenders will want two recent pay stubs, the past two years’ W-2s, tax returns and bank statements for the past two months – every single page, even those which are blank. Why it should be every single page is vague, but that is what they would like to see. They may be trying to spot inadequate funds or weird money in or out. Purchasing a home can be time-consuming, but being aware of what you need and where to find it can be time-saving.

4. Determine your capacity.

When you calculate debt-to-income ratio and factor in a down payment, you will somehow know what you can afford. According to the old standard, a maximum of 28 percent of your gross monthly income must be spent on housing costs. Know what you can afford, and go back into everything else. You know how much you will be able to put down, along with the monthly payment and you can solve for the third variable, which is the home price.

5. Figure out a way to make a down payment.

It takes some work to prepare cash for the down payment. There are programs that can help qualified buyers. Assistance loans can go from $10,000 to $40,000, all of which are interest and payment-free, forgivable after a five-year duration. Lastly, talk to mortgage lenders when you intend to begin the process. Ask friends and colleagues to have more knowledge about the first-time home-buying process.

Source: http://www.thatcolumn.com/improve-investing-talents/

The Essential Laws of Properties Explained

Key Advantages of Delving into Real Estate

A country’s economy is contributed towards by real estate since it one of the most income generating fields. By buying and selling of property, those people who choose to invest in real estate tend to make a lot of revenue and gain a lot of profit from it. When you want to invest in a certain area, real estate proves to be the best option for you. After one buys property, they can wait for its value to appreciate after which they can sell it at a higher price thus gaining a lot of property. One should always think about investing in real estate since property will always fetch a good price in the real estate market.

When one invests in real estate, one of the guaranteed benefits they enjoy is capital growth. Making profit by investing in property is guaranteed for all those people who pour their money into real estate. When it comes to choosing what to do with the investment, one can choose to sell the property at a higher price to someone else or rent it out to tenants. When one buys property, they usually have it insured in order to mitigate risks that might occur. The property that you buy can be insured against risks such as theft, damage or fire. This way once the rick occurs, you are able to receive compensation in order to recover from the loss.

Since real estate is open to everyone, anyone can buy or sell property if at all they are interested. As compared to operating a business, real estate does not require one to have a lot of background knowledge about it or have a lot of money to start. Hiring of real estate agents comes in handy as they are able to guide you through the whole process of buying and managing your property while you are doing something else. When buying property form a certain company managing it, you will be required to make a down payment after which the rest can be made in instalments.

After you purchase the property, you have complete control over it. Since the property is only yours, you don’t have to seek a second opinion regarding how to manage it as you can make all the decisions. Decision making solely relies on you and you don’t have to face disagreements from other parties since the property belongs to you. Choosing to invest in real estate will always guarantee one of getting good returns.

In order for the value of the property to appreciate, you can choose to renovate it if it’s a house. After this, you can sell it to willing clients and gain a lump sum of returns from it all. These are just some of the major benefits of investing in real estate.

Source: http://www.thatcolumn.com/improve-investing-talents/

The Path To Finding Better Lodges

The Path To Finding Better Lodges

Why Nelspruit Guesthouses are Great Options

Planning to travel is fifty percent the challenge, the other 50% is unquestionably deciding on where you can stay. Choosing a location to stay may make or ruin your vacation. Always determine in advance what kind of holiday vacation you hope on enjoying. Will it be activity stuffed? Would it entail tons of sights to explore and feasting on food? Would it be pure indulgence with most days put in around the pool or coast acquiring a suntan? Can it be enjoying a bit of pampering such as spa therapy?

Depending on what you may resolve, you ought to select your site of accommodation. Undoubtedly, should you have plans for spending some time around a swimming pool or relishing a spa procedure, you must choose a lodging that could present you with all these under one particular roof. Therefore, you need not end up traveling around from place to place to take pleasure in these comforts.

Should you be going for an activity abundant getaway and are an adventurous type, why not consider the amazing outdoor camping options that are building in acceptance? When you are vacationing with spouse and children and choose to take pleasure in some sights to explore with nothing very arduous, a guest house might be the best alternative for you personally. A guest house will give you the luxury of being managed without the habits of a star quality resort hotel. If you are traveling with small children, you certainly will certainly treasure the nearly specific consideration to make certain that your kids’ expectations could be seen to with very least trouble. A guest house fails to however, feature round the clock employees and is typically manned by the manager and family. Therefore certainly, one should not count on 24 hour service. Yet, given it provides you with pleasant accommodations at an economical rate, it truly is a quite small price to settle.
If You Think You Understand Services, Then Read This

The environment is rather homey. And because the meals usually are home processed, you would taste and admire the distinction. It can also be a sensible way to figure out the region seeing that the owner can often direct you in the appropriate route going to interesting places and how you can get great deals.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Services

Contingent on where you have plans for traveling this summertime, it would be fairly easy to find good quality Nelspruit guesthouses. These offer unparalleled welcome. With a proactive concept that guest houses adopt, you know you are going to be perfectly covered in the course of your vacation.

Charge up and begin looking for your ideal guesthouse this summer season and arrange an excellent holiday getaway off from the day by day habits.

If You Think You Understand Professionals, Then This Might Change Your Mind

If You Think You Understand Professionals, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Finding a Competent and Reliable Caregiver

It can be nerve-wracking, hiring a caregiver comes to your home or or provides supplementary care in a facility. How can you tell if they’re competent or trustworthy? Will they “click” with you or your loved one?


Before you begin calling any caregivers, make a list things that the job will cover and any expectations you have from the caregiver your chosen caregiver.
If You Think You Understand Professionals, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Be very, very specific. Consider what’s most important for you. Ask yourself questions such as:
The Art of Mastering Experts

> When and how frequently will the caregiver be needed?

> Will this probably change soon?

If so, could it be a problem?

> What are the exact tasks you would like the caregiver to perform and how frequently?

> Is there a need for any special type of care, such as for a senior who has Alzheimer’s disease or incontinence?

Researching Your Prospects

Once you have identified the caregiving duties, begin screening candidates through the phone and set individual interviews with all of them. On the phone, explain your needs to them. Inform them of your intention to call their references and perform a background check on them. Ask them to come to the interview with their resume, driver’s license, Social Security card, and references.

Performing Candidate Background Checks

Performing a background check on each potential caregiver is crucial. This process should include include looking at credit reports, DMV records, and criminal records (county, state and/or federal). Remember to secure a written consent from the person involved.)

The Interview

Interviews are sometimes tricky, but with the help of the following guide questions, you should be able get the information you really want:

> How long have you been working as a caregiver?

> Do you have any kind of specialty?

> Are you okay with the duties on this list (referring to the list you have prepared)?

> What recreational activities do you suggest?

> How will you manage a combative care receiver?


Based on definitions by Medicare, home health care is classified “skilled” or “custodial” care. Classified under skilled care is any type of intensive medical care that is provided or supervised by therapists and/or nurses. On the other hand, custodial care refers to care in terms of daily tasks like bathing, cooking and shopping. When choosing an agency, consider whether your loved one needs skilled or custodial care, and if Medicaid or Medicare will cover it.

Below are important questions you should ask your potential agency:

> What services do you provide?

> Who are the people in your care team and what are their qualifications?

> What will be the costs for their services? Is there a possibility for extra charges to come up?

> Are you certified to receive Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement?

> Are you licensed by the state, bonded and insured?

> Can you give me references?

Vacations – My Most Valuable Advice

Vacations – My Most Valuable Advice

Traveling Around The Dordogne Region In France

Regarded as the home for some of the most beautiful and breathtaking villages in France, the Valley of Dordogne is also known locally as the Perigord, as known and called by the locals. This area is not much popular compared to the other areas in France such as Paris or Versailles, but the valley is among the most beautiful in the country. This article discusses some of the famous sites in the area of the Dordogne, and what are the things to do in Dordogne.

Domme – This place is certainly in the must-visit bucket list, to see villages located on top of a rocky cliff in the Dordogne. The point provides a good vantage location that provides tourist with fantastic settings of the valley from the Beynac in the western side and the Montfort meander on the east. Be taken back to the history of the Medieval age as you are offered breathtaking views of the tranquil river and the lush fields of crops in the area.

Founded by a person named Philip the Bold back in the thirteenth century, the village of Domme is a newer village than the others in the area that have existed earlier in those centuries. The Dordogne takes pride in its bastides which refer to villages that are newly founded and are characterized with a central covered area for dumping goods being sold. This period in France, there have been many bastides and villages that have existed, as accounted in history. Still open today, the village of Domme is perfect to visit during market days when tourists can find homegrown fruits, vegetables and homegrown chesses, cured hams, olives, sausages and the staple of the Dordogne called the foie gras. You can visit the local tourism agencies and offices to learn more about the place and how you can enjoy Domme like no other.
A Simple Plan: Resources

La Roque Gageac – This village is known as the village but against a clip that fall down vertically in the river called Dordogne. This village takes pride in many local attractions such as houses, churches and manor houses, one of the most widely known and visited is a manor that was once owned by the renowned family of Tarde. There is one area in La Roque Gageac that is home to semi-tropical plants and flowers protected by the cliff during winter seasons.
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Behind the houses and village buildings is a walking path located on the lower part of the cliff, where tourists can take many great shots overlooking the village. Near the area are caves that tourists can take a look at.

Beynac – One can find Beynac around two miles down the road. The Chateau de Beynac is a famous site located above rock that can provide breathtaking views of the Dordgone Valley, with castles and hills around the area.

A Quick Overlook of Services – Your Cheatsheet

A Quick Overlook of Services – Your Cheatsheet

Four Clever Tricks for Your Home Interior Design

There are various easy, cost-effective interior design techniques you can employ to improve your home, whether you’ve just recently moved or you’re aiming for a clever facelift.

Sometimes, the tiniest details can bring the most significant difference. It may be the addition of a plant or perhaps a painting. Are you planning to soften your walls or add a little warmth to your dining room?

Read these smart design techniques and see if you get any inspirations:
5 Uses For Designers

Light Is Space
Lessons Learned About Businesses

For a smaller room, use soft, light hues on the walls to help make the space look bigger. Another trick you can use to produce the same effect is to have large windows or have mirrors everywhere, not only to bounce off the natural light coming in through the doors and windows, but to form an optical illusion of space as well. Conversely, if you use dark colors, the room will surely feel smaller than it really is. Even with a lot of natural light and the strategic positioning of mirrors, a small room with a darker shade will always feel boxed in.

Mix and Match

Yes, do combine various textures and patterns. Old and new, luxurious and practical. It’s okay to put family heirlooms side by side with your modern chaise lounge. What a really good interior decorator will advise you is to express yourself and your personality through the home d?cor choices you make. Your grandfather’s desk, now antique, has an old story to tell. The 21st century chaise lounge you fell in love with and just had to purchase also tells its own story – your own. There’s no reason they can’t be together. The same is also true for fabrics or artworks.

The Magic of Slip Covers

Despite the bad rap they usually get, slip covers are actually such wonderful creations. They can let you change your furniture’s look to go with each season. These coverings can be easily removed, and they give you the freedom to have a sophisticated look without always worrying about people soiling or spilling on your furniture. Slip covers are perfect for rooms where children usually stay.

Prettifying Your Built-in Bookcases with Paint

This quick color pop will add energy and brighten any room!It’s stunning how a task so small can have such a dramatic effect. Perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to transform a boring room is to give it a whole new layer of paint where people won’t expect it. Bookcases are a great place to start because there’s no need to paint a huge area. Other places you can add a cute pop of color could be fireplace mantels, hallways, ceilings and inside closets.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Relationships

Practical and Helpful Tips: Relationships

Tips on Getting Your Ex Back The want of having your ex back in your arms is an act that most of us can relate to especially when we still have feelings for that person. There are a couple of tips and tricks that can be applied in getting your ex back. A lot of people aim to achieve this because they still believe that there is a chance to get things right and restore the relationship. The first step that must be made to achieve success in getting back with your ex is to admit that a mistake was made at that you willingly accept it. Emotional maturity can be measured by a person’s willingness to admit the mistakes that they have done. When both parties have the proper emotional maturity, it can be expected that positive changes will be experienced that will be beneficial to the relationship. Both parties in a relationship can benefit from good things that will happen if they are able to make positive changes on a regular basis. The value of honesty is also a very important factor when it comes to your intentions. If both parties can appreciate each other’s honesty when trying to reconnect a relationship, there will be better understanding on both sides. In most cases, a person finds it hard to be totally honest because there is a fear of rejection if they do so.
A Quick Rundown of Dating
People who are worried that this kind if problem may arise, they should have the courage to expect positive things to happen instead. A positive mind and believing that a positive outcome can be achieved due to their efforts to rekindle a relationship can affect the situation significantly. This will be a way to become more outgoing and being outgoing has been proven to be effective in achieving success with the efforts given. All of this will be worth it in the end even though this process can be slower than what most people intend it to be and can event get a bit frustrating at times.
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A vital factor that a person who would like to restore an old relationship must keep in mind the power of the act of integrity. A person with a sincere integrity will be able to accept the past mistakes that they have committed against their partner which has caused an emotion pain. There are benefits that can be gained with this if most people will clearly understand this act. The whole process that is involved with getting your ex back is something that must not be seen as complicated with many factors that are involved. If you really love the person genuinely, then it will not be hard to prove that your intentions are real.